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How often should I go to the Dentist? –It’s recommended to have a cleaning and check-up every 6 months.

How do I maintain great dental health? -Regular visits with Dr. Blanchard, brushing, flossing, healthy habits and diets, and night guards.

What is a cavity? -A cavity is decay in a tooth that can cause pain and more problems down the road such as a root canal or crowns. Fillings are used to stop decay and “fill in” the tooth’s decayed area.

Do I need braces? -Stop in and chat with the doctor about the longevity of braces and if their right for you or your child.

How do I become a new patient? -Check out our New Patient section for more info or contact our office.

How do I schedule my next checkup? -Call (406)752-2180 and speak with our friendly front desk!